Son of Stuxnet Found in the Wild on Systems in Europe

Diagram of the Duqu malware

Image credit: Symantec

By Kim Zetter

A little more than one year after the infrastructure-destroying Stuxnet worm was discovered on computer systems in Iran, a new piece of malware using some of the same techniques has been found infecting systems in Europe, according to researchers at security firm Symantec.

The new malware, dubbed “Duqu” [dü-kyü], contains parts that are nearly identical to Stuxnet and appears to have been written by the same authors behind Stuxnet, or at least by someone who had direct access to the Stuxnet source code, says Liam O Murchu. He’s one of the leading experts on Stuxnet who produced extensive analysis of that worm with two of his Symantec colleagues last year and has posted a paper detailing the Duqu analysis to date.


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