The HSEC Program offers interdisciplinary graduate study leading to the Master of Science degree in Homeland Security. Our Program was the first of its kind in the nation, taking advantage of the unique learning and research opportunities offered by the “living laboratory” that is the San Diego-Baja border region.  The HSEC Program provides a vibrant and challenging learning environment where scholarly, educational, and research endeavors are applied to real-world challenges associated with man-made and natural emergencies and critical incidents on the local, national, and global levels.

We are constantly striving to keep our course offerings as current and relevant as possible. Each year in this program brings an even larger class size and we have made some additions to our available courses to accommodate this increase in students. This semester, we will be offering an additional section of HSEC 601, a core program course, currently taught by Professor John Persano. This class is centered around domestic, national security, and foreign policies as they relate to prevention, deterrence, preemption, defense against, and response to terrorist attacks and other man-made and natural critical incidents and emergencies on local, regional, national, and international levels. Professor Lamine Secka, also Director of Emergency Services for SDSU, was a former police chief and contributes over 10 years of professional knowledge and experience to this course. We are very excited for this new opportunity and want to welcome Professor Secka to his new role!

Other HSEC courses offered this semester include:

H SEC 602: Seminar in Science, Technology, and Homeland Security
Taught by Professor Frost
Interrelationship of technology and science to homeland security policy. Use of technology and science for decision-making and collaboration. Ethical issues associated with application of technology and science to security.

HSEC 690: Cyber Warfare & Cyber Terrorism
Taught by Professor Andres
This course addresses the challenges involved in information warfare and information security as it pertains to domestic and international security challenges. This semester’s course will focus on state-sponsored as well as transnational cyber-warfare and touch briefly on industrial espionage.

HSEC 690: Seminar Ideology, Discourse, Conflict
Taught by Professor Ornatowski
Contemporary and historical ideologies, their expressions, and relationships to collective identity, power, and conflict.