Haiti cholera outbreak map, by Dawn Rittiner, SDSU VizCenter.

VizCenter is working with a host of organizations and volunteers across the nation and world to assist in the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Groups associated with the Viz Center such as LifeGivingForce (http://www.lifegivingforce.com) who have done an incredible amount already in Haiti with clean water equipment and their partnership with Viega (http://www.viega.net) and their PEX piping and remarkable fittings that can collectively deliver water out to the region rather than requiring everyone to come to the device. LifeGivingForce and Viega met at Exercise 24 (https://sites.google.com/a/inrelief.org/24/) at SDSU and are now partnering to positively impact countries such as Haiti and Mexico, but also to provide hybrid solutions of water, disaster response, and global supply chain management