We have been building up our data feed which is available in the formats requested below (except for GeoRSS). The news is not part of this map service. The ‘camp’ data is extremely limited at this stage, most of what is in the feed is from the 2005 earthquake or refugees from Afghanistan and not directly related to the flood event. I have been looking for updated camp data and it’s only just starting to come in for certain areas. The damaged houses will be replaced with population affected (actual # and % of total population) shortly. I haven’t seen consistent reports across Pakistan for reporting the damages houses.

You can access our REST service at http://ags.pdc.org/rest/services/Pakistan/PAKISTAN_FLOOD/MapServer. From there you can get the url for WFS / WMS/ WCS / SOAP / REST and even KML. For anyone that would like to include additional features in this feed, feel free to contact me directly.

John Livengood
Pacific Disaster Center