Startup Lets You Save and Share Parts of Web Pages

A new Web application called Clipboard, preserves bits of Web pages while keeping formatting and functionality (such as links) intact

Image credit: Technology Review

By Erica Naone

The Web may make it easy to communicate with people thousands of miles away and put libraries full of knowledge at our fingertips, but plenty of simple things are still surprisingly hard to do online. Take saving a piece of a Web page. That specific task is trickier than it sounds. A startup called Clipboard is building a simple solution using some rather sophisticated Web technologies.

Clipboard allows users to select and store pieces of Web pages in a cloud-based account. Users can comment on items, tag them, and search them. The site allows people to keep clippings private, share them with specific people, or offer them to the public. The new site has been in stealth mode until today, but it’s now opening up for a private beta test.


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